Thursday, September 22, 2011

Extreme Couponing - How do they do it?

So the other day I was watching Rachael Ray, and two members of the cast of 'Extreme Couponing', the show on TLC, showed up to exhibit their bad ass savings skills. I was AMAZED that they were able to buy merchandise (and lots of it too!) while at the same time managing to get a credit back! Just insane!

In light of that inspiration, I thought I'd delve a bit more into that topic and research to find out just how savvy these moms are. Turns out, it's pretty easy! You just have to know where to turn and, in this case, what to click on.

For example, here's an article I found on the show's website featuring 'The 10 Best Web Sites to Save You Money':

It's a little annoying since you can't click on 'View All', so I've conveniently listed them here for you: :)

10. - for kids clothing
9. CouponMom.Com - for grocery shopping
food8. - for perfectly timing your online purchases at their lowest prices
7. - for renting designer name/high-end buys

6. - for coupon codes used in online buying
5. - for minimizing monthly bills
4. - for getting the sale price after you purchased
3. etc. - for social outings
(Also, - allows you to sell those now-unwanted Groupons!)
2. - for lowest gas prices in your area
1. - for daily deals in your town

Personally, I love the social outings, daily deals in my town, and gas prices websites. Those help my lifestyle the most. But to each his/her own, so explore to see what works for you!

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