Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day Deals

Hey all!

So while I am working and toiling on this supposed 'day off' for most people, at least I have a couple minutes to post a few deals or two so that hopefully one or many of you will take advantage of these great sales :)

On the TODAY show this morning, one of their financial analysts relayed some important and useful tips on buying products and services at discounted prices today:

Because major holiday sales are over and we're in a lull period for the winter, President's Day is a great day for retailers to list things at half price or better since everyone's looking to spend some money again. The website here lists everything from appliances to exercise equipment to winter clothing to jewelry and even old Valentine's Day items! I know it sounds odd, but you can seriously save on some gifts for next year or just buy a half-priced box of chocolates for a sale well spent! :)

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