Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Win a Free Vacation! Seriously!

Hello Frugalistas/Frugalistos!

This is my official post in 2015, what a crazy year it has been! I will be getting married in a short two months plus I start a new job, not to mention I'm wrapping up my last graduate class before the wedding, so holy smokes, no wonder I've been on hiatus for a while!

But anyway...

As I'm sure you've heard (unless you live in no-Wi-Fi land/under a rock), Boston and the general Northeast of the United States has suffered incredible and overwhelming frustration, anger, hysteria, and bone-crushing helplessness with the amount of snowfall. This year has arguably been the worst in years.

For those of us who have no vacations planned in the near future (e.g. in the next day or so), we have to rely on the graces of the weather gods to melt this friggin' nightmare mountain (Mount Everest, really) of snow we have.


You could enter to win a free vacation to sunny Fort Lauderdale!!!

Who wouldn't want to journey somewhere warm,
where no one knows your name
where the drinks are flowin'
and the snow seems lame?

My lame attempt at a quick poem, but nevertheless, ENTER TO WIN PEOPLE!

Because if you don't, I will. Multiple times. And then you can be jealous of me. Basking in sunshine and beverages and warmth and no bitter cold wind, snow, ice, etc.

What are you waiting for, the snow to melt? Ha.

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